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Accurate to the core

Engineered with the most accurate digital infrared sensor technology available, the ARC InstaTemp MD™ allows nurses and clinicians to take precise core body temperature readings with a simple point and click.

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ARC Devices aims to solve critical health care problems in the field, at home, and in clinical environments through non-touch and connected vital sign measurement devices

ARC Devices was founded in Ireland in 2013 with the goal of revolutionizing vital sign measurement. Our suite of non-touch thermometers including the ARC InstaTemp MD™ and ARC InstaTemp™ is only the beginning.
Since inception, we have been granted 7 patents and filed 69 patent applications in the U.S. and internationally, entered into 20,000 retail outlets, and partnered with a consortium of international organizations to develop and bring to market new medical technologies for home and clinical care.
Whether using the ARC InstaTemp MD™ as part of the diagnosis process or the ARC InstaTemp™ to screen for the first sign of fever at home, our non-touch devices save users time, reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and improve patient experience.